Dr. Lance Hawk
by KGirl

Dr. Lance Hawk
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Artist's comment:
Commission for [icon=Supertolibera]
Team doctor for the Bucking Bucks. He's got a PHD and MD in Sultryness. ;)
A group for Buckley University's very own Star Soccer team and their fans, staff, and fellow classmates.
Check out our rivals.
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A listing of all those that take commissions.

Membership is Open.
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A club for all fans of men that actually look like and act like men. The drink booze, that can get overweight, that can grow facial hair and don't have to have perfect hair down to their feet and delicate as a flower features.
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Content details:
• Ages – Mid-age
• Category – Commission
• Category – 2D
• Critique – Optional
• Filters – None
• Series – Original
• Theme – N/A
• Time taken – 2-4 hours
• Tools – Digital – Photoshop
• Tools – Digital – PaintTool SAI
Posted on 2011-11-12 @ 5:10 AM
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