Close Encounter
by Essande

The boy from the Laundromat had an honest face. He found it appealing. Yes, he'd amuse himself with the guise of a child for a while. The lad was so predictable. He was asking for it anyway. Every Saturday the kid went to the grocery store on his street. The time varied but it was always Saturday. It was just a matter of waiting, and the doppelganger had all the time in the world.

It should have gone as all his other snatches had gone. This mask should have been so easy to claim as his own. But something about the boy. Once he'd pulled the teen into the alley, once he had his knife out…something went wrong. He felt sick at first, as though the look of terror in the boy's eyes had made him lose his stomach for killing. Then a hot white pain sliced through his head and he realized somehow, this boy was hurting him.

His skin wanted to rip itself from his body, it was shifting too fast. And then it wasn't doing anything at all and he panicked. Monstrous little boy!

The primal part of him opted for flight. So he ran. Ran until the pain went away. Until it stopped feeling like his skin had gone dead. He lifted a shaky hand, tucked safe behind a dumpster many alleys away. The grey pallor of his true skin slowly shifted to a more human tone, the crawl of his powers working to maintain pigmentation a comforting sensation. Just what the hell had that brat done?!


Kiyoshi thought he was going to die. He had seen that grin before. That green hooded sweatshirt and those eyes that seemed to glow. He'd seen them somewhere before but he just couldn't remember where. There was a glint of metal and Kiyoshi screamed into the hand clamped over his mouth. Then suddenly his assailant jerked back like he'd been stung. The knife clattered to the ground and the man staggered back. The color of his hands shifted to…well, it seemed like everything before it drained to grey and the man suddenly burst from the alleyway.

The boy there dumbly, eyes on the spot his would be murderer had been before dropping to the ground where the knife lay. He couldn't imagine what he'd done that someone had wanted to kill him. He was wearing his rags. He had no money to offer that was outwardly visible. He hadn't done anything outwardly offensive either. At least he didn't think so. Had he? It was hard to remember. He wanted to throw up.
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Artist's comment:
Okay, finally got an idea on how to show case Kiyoshi's power. Also, it seems Switch is like a chameleon, he can change pigmentation on his own. He just needs a face to change structure.

I don't know how to continue this really. Or if it even needs continuing. So...I just left Kiyoshi sitting there and left Switch sulking behind a dumpster. Let's everyone go sit in an alley! 8D
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Depending on which side of the coin lands face-up, a spy could either be a hero... or a villain.

Which would you become?

(An Alternate Universe based off of [club=7064].)
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Posted on 2009-01-24 @ 3:36 PM
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