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Laurence: Ranger by Szadek
Laurence: Ranger
by Szadek
Posted on 2013-06-19 @ 8:57 AM
I just edited the link to my Tumblr. I'm still closed. Sorry for the confusion.

I usually open limited emergency slots coinciding with a color dump but as most of the recently finished works are linearts, only the ongoing y!Train was uploaded (but some colored one's will be uploaded next week). I would've preferred to open limited emergency slots again when I'm halfway through the last set but the deficit in the bills are beckoning once more. u__u

So the situation is, I'm finally doing the last batch of this queue, but I've only done 1/3 so far, so it may take a couple of months to get to yours. Patience definitely will be key. I actually prefer these slots to get taken by previous or repeat commissioners since they are already familiar with my process and the waiting it entails. :| But if you're new potential commissioner and think it no matter, then go ahead. I just want people to know what they're getting into before they jump in the wagon. But the peace of mind I've always offered is if you ever get too impatient, you can always opt to cancel your commission and I'll refund you ASAP. :)

The y!Train is also back, so check it out if you want your OC to join. And to my current commissioners, just contact me for character changes or cancellations. An advance thank you to the would-be takers of these slots. :love: You are the life blood of this starving artist. lol Now back to work I go. :3


- Be clear about important character design details at the get-go
- Almost any character request
- Provide character references especially comprehensible ones for OCs
- I have complete creative control (For quality control, and promo commissions do not have approval stages)
- Any specifics about the pose or layout will be treated as suggestions
- First pay, first serve
- To be paid through PayPal only
- Linearts will be done in A4 paper and HB lead, only colors are digital, no inks
- Final 300 dpi TIF file (600dpi if only lineart) will be e-mailed, unless JPEG is requested
- For personal use only



(*)NEW(*) $29 for 1 y!Train ticket (1 ticket per OC)
3rd y!Train so far:[thumb=950215]
- $39 for 1 cel-shaded mid-shot
- $49 for 1 cel-shaded full-body
- To upgrade 1 character slot into a pairing, threesome, or more = initial slot rate x (1 + 0.75/additional character)
+ Also still accepting lineart only requests: $12 bust / $25 mid-shot / $30 full-body
- Cel-shade sample (See Gallery)



Step 1: E-mail me the requested character/s and details with visual references especially if it’s an OC or an obscure character. Include your username here in y!Gallery. You can contact me here:

Step 2: When the commission has been confirmed after hashing out the details you can send the payment here:
Please send it as a personal payment / others with the Paypal fee box checked so that I receive the exact amount. Although, recently there was a change and some areas now have Friends and Family instead of Personal Payments. This is to ensure that I receive the exact amount. I will return all payments that don't adhere to this specification. Also attach a note with your username/name and requested character/s only.

If you have questions and need further clarifications just contact me. :D
Male and Female Yaoi Sub-Genre Preferences
Poll again in the meantime, still coloring. XD

Edit: Will edit some sentences below so that they appear less resolute than they seem to be. :sweatdrop: And very insightful comments, guys. :D Will comment on them soon, reading each one for now and pondering.

They say bishounen is [edit: generally geared towards a female audience], while bara [edit: towards] gay men. I've always wondered if this is always the case. I know why gay men like bara, obviously. But I want to know what gravitates the female audience to bishies. OMG, I'm not even sure there are girls reading this since I mostly do bara. Haha. [edit: Oh, there are. :D To the girls] reading this, sidebar: do you gals like watching gay porn as much as straight men enjoy lesbian porn?

Also, if you don't fall under the girls-like-bishounen-and-gay-men-like-bara "norm" [edit: note the quotation marks on the word], I'd really love to read your thoughts about the matter. :D If you have opinions about shota and furry as well you can include them in passing if you want. Oh, and please identify your sex if it's alright if you're going to comment. :D

I'd like to have a free-thinking discussion. No 'this is better than that' or 'that is gross' comments please. :sweatdrop:
I'm a guy, and bara is the only way to go. :yeah: You have to ask? (plenty)
I'm a guy, and I love both yaoi genres EQUALLY. :D (a lot)
I'm a girl, and I love both yaoi genres EQUALLY. :D (many)
I'm a girl, and I like my hunky bara mansex! :drool: Surprised? You see... (many)
I actually prefer something else... -_- (some)
I'm a guy, and I actually like bishies better. :meh: It's because... (some)
I'm a girl, and I prefer bishounens of course. :love: Why, you ask... (several)
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Wartorn by frostious
by frostious
Child of two ancient races, mighty warrior, powerful caster, respected leader, thoughtful friend, dedicated lover,...

This club chronicles the tales of Nexus Tenebrare and the people bound to him by fate.
A club dedicated to ???s OCs :
Kat & Demo
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Hm, are you still alive and active? The last post was a year ago and your tumblr doesn't exist...
# Posted on 2014-08-24 @ 6:58 AM
His tumblr is currently at:
# Posted on 2014-09-02 @ 3:41 PM
Love your art. Super quality!
# Posted on 2014-08-04 @ 6:31 AM
Hi! Just stopping by once again to say how much I like your art!
# Posted on 2014-06-28 @ 6:01 AM
Edited 1 time(s), last edit: 2014-06-28 @ 6:14 AM
Your work is AMAZING.
# Posted on 2014-06-22 @ 1:50 AM
Wow. If you ever want to collaborate on a gay erotic comic, let me know.
Dale Lazarov
gay erotic comics writer
# Posted on 2014-06-20 @ 11:26 PM
Hello there! Are you open for commissions again?
# Posted on 2014-06-02 @ 6:56 PM
Great drawing :love:
# Posted on 2014-04-14 @ 1:29 AM
UGH I swear to god you can do NO WRONG. :)
# Posted on 2014-03-26 @ 1:39 AM
Welcome, guest!
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Sector_11 - Hachiko's Charactersheet by MokitoProductions
Sector_11 - Hachiko's Charactersheet
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New piercing(colored) by InusLover and ScooterX
New piercing(colored)
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