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Name: SoupGoblin/Soupy/Croup
Gender: Dude
Sexuality: Homo
Age: Twenty-somefink

Likes: blogging, various anime, spanking, beefy guys, humiliated guys, tentacles, wedgies, man butts, Inuzuka Kiba, Gen13's Grunge, Joe Higashi, bondage, bad jokes, awful puns, wrestlers, scanlation, jockstraps, creative punishments, PORN, anthro, superheroes in spandex, free love, freedom of expression, and many, many other things.

Dislikes: stereotypes, flamers, close-mindedness, anti-intellectualism, prejudice, YOUR MOM (oh zing!)

Greatly enjoys the company/works of: [icon=???] [icon=???] [icon=redpskscott] [icon=???] [icon=???] [icon=FrostBite] [icon=Sidious] [icon=???] [icon=adzaell] [icon=Jubell] [icon=spryte42]

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SoupGoblin's Stash - My Blog (kinda dead)
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My FurAffinity (I'm most active here these days)

Other Cool Links - Male/Male Spanking Fiction
Anime OTK - Anime spanking site
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What Grunge REALLY does best by SoupGoblin
What Grunge REALLY does best
by SoupGoblin
Posted on 2015-01-25 @ 3:43 PM
New Story: Argus the Werewolf Spanker!
Get the e-book HERE!

Set in the same world as The Jockstrap Bandit, and featuring a bearish fella who punishes werewolves with a silver paddle. Do you really need to know any more? :XD:

Well, just in case you do, here's the description off the dust cover:

“They say that music soothes the savage beast, eh? I’ve found that some good chain, a paddle, and a few clamps work worlds better!”

Argus is a werewolf hunter, but not the traditional kind. Whereas other hunters favor various silver weapons, stakes, mercury-tipped arrowheads, poison mistletoe, wolfsbane, and the application of fire, Argus takes a different tack. Why kill a werewolf when you can subdue him? Werewolves are big, beautiful creatures, for all their snarling savagery. There's no need to extinguish them from the world--not when you've got silver chains to bind them, and a silver paddle to give them a good lesson in manners instead. They've just got to learn who the alpha is, that's all.

. . . Now as for where the silver butt plugs come in, well, that's a trade secret.

Featuring 21,000 words of kinky bondage, spanking, and submission of hulking werewolves, as well as the men who hunt them. A gay erotic story where slavering beasts with uncontrollable sexual appetites hunt for both prey and mates under a full moon, and only one man has the skills required to tame them. While a standalone tale,
Argus the Werewolf Spanker also expands on and takes place in the same world as previous story from S.G. Croup The Jockstrap Bandit.


If you enjoy it, please rate and review!
Guile's Underwear
These silly polls are supposed to be a regular thing but I keep forgetting about them!

The results of our last poll points to fundoshi as Ryu's underwear of choice. Makes sense given his traditional Japanese upbringing (and further justified by some recent Capcom artwork :XD:)

Moving along to our next Street Fighter hunk, let's get everybody's thoughts on what's worn beneath Guile's camo pants! Is his underwear Air Force regulation? Vote for what you think!

Guile goes commando (some)
Guile wears a jockstrap (some)
Guile wears a pair of briefs (a few)
Guile wears a pair of boxers (a few)
Guile wears a fundoshi (a few)
Guile wears a thong (a couple)
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Drax by tatu220
by tatu220
A place for pics and fics for the new cartoon of the ultimate spiderman.
..but mostly the lust. 8D
A Dragon Age club, because it was long overdue.
All Dragon Age stories/universes welcome.
Welcome in the X-Slash Club! This place is dedicated to all the slashy goodness the world of Marvel could spawn. Artwork based on comics, cartoons and movies are all allowed until it has to do with the X-men. Come in and discover the hidden possibilities.
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Hey SoupGoblin, I didn't know you were on Y! I love your stash! Thank you for the :fav:! :love:
# Posted on 2016-01-04 @ 2:31 PM
Hi there. Out of curiosity do you do art requests?
# Posted on 2015-12-28 @ 9:34 PM
??? I don't even draw???
# Posted on 2015-12-28 @ 10:26 PM
Thanks for the :fav: and :watch: :3
# Posted on 2015-10-05 @ 6:44 PM
Edited 1 time(s), last edit: 2015-10-05 @ 6:46 PM
Yo dude! Thanks so much for the watch back!
# Posted on 2015-08-04 @ 1:57 AM
Thanks for adding me to your friend's list. :kiss:

Hopefully this means you like my stories.
# Posted on 2015-05-30 @ 12:38 AM
Edited 1 time(s), last edit: 2015-05-30 @ 1:30 AM
thanks for the fav on my ultimate spiderman fic
# Posted on 2015-05-10 @ 8:10 AM
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