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my DA gallery - jacemoore.deviantart.com

my Tumblr - jacero.tumblr.com

Some stuff about me, if you care:

Name: Jace Moore
Age: 33
Location: Dallas, Texas USA
Occupations: Illustrator, costumier... pr0nographer?
Other things I do: Attending various conventions, teaching costume construction.
Hobbies: Drawing, making costumes, collecting toys, sculpting... and watching horror movies

Favorite Color: blood red
Favorite Animal: do Goblins count? ^^;; Ok, favorite non-fantasy/mythical animal would be Allosaurus... favorite non-extinct animals would be wolves *howls*
Favorite Foods: meat, Meat, MEAT!; Cheesecake; pretty much anything with a coffee and/or pumpkin base
Favorite type of clothing: vinyl

Music: Errr... I can like just about anything... It really depends on each particular song. The types of music I most often listen to would be: 80's new wave; darkwave; industrial; happy hardcore: hardstyle; doowop; swing/bigband; classical (18th century, Baroque and Renaissance mostly); breakbeat; freestyle and disco.

Favorite Series: Digimon(Season 1, and 02); Yu-Gi-Oh! GX(Seasons 1 & 2); Transformers G1; Dungeons & Dragons; Law & Order: SVU; Spider-Man; Rockman EXE(Megaman NT Warrior); Batman Beyond; Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro; Voltron; G.I.Joe; Masters of the Universe(the original 80's series); Freakazoid; W.I.T.C.H.

Favorite Movies: Edward Scissorhands; Poltergeist; The Thing; Beetlejuice; A Picture of Dorian Gray; Phantom of the Opera(I like all the versions in their own way, but particularly the silent one); Lord of the Rings trilogy; Legend; Labyrinth; The Nightmare Before Christmas; Pinocchio; Mannequin

Favorite Books: Not much of a reader since I haven't yet mastered how to draw/sew and read at the same time :meh:

Favorite Games:
Video Games - The Fable series; Rockman EXE 4.5, Psychic Force, Digimon World, Soul Calibur series, Yugioh GX: Duel Academy, Champions of Norrath
CCG - Yu-Gi-Oh!, MegaMan, Digimon(original version), Magic (not that good at it but I get to play with Goblins<3!)

My clubs - [club=2750] [club=6042] [club=6040]

Forever in Love - <3[icon=hyperkurai][icon=JaceMoore]<3

Commissions are CLOSED! INFO HERE
Featured work:
Fire Soulmates
Fire Soulmates
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Ollie Sketches by JaceMoore
Ollie Sketches
by JaceMoore
Posted on 2013-02-15 @ 1:04 PM
Anyone been to Bent-Con? Your thoughts on it?

I've been wanting to go to this con for two years now. I've never had the chance to attend a glbt-focused con due to where I live, and I would love to chance to have something to do in December.

Have you been before?
Are you planning to attend this year?
Good experience?

Feel free to chime in about any other queer-themed comic/sci-fi/pop culture events, as well.

Livestream: Is it worth it?
I'm thinking about trying it out some time. Could any users share their experiences with me? (Was it fun? Did it help you grow artistically? Is it hard to set up? etc...)
Yes (Please tell me more in a comment.) (a few)
No (Please tell me more in a comment.) (none)
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Axton/Zer0 by saynomore
by saynomore
For all your cockrubbing porn!
This is where you can post pictures of those delightful, pointy eared men! Elves, demons, anything goes, but try to keep the animals to a minimum... these are men with pointy (not fuzzy) ears!
Why let manga have all the fun? Here's where young heroes from our own Western comic titles can be seen bareing it all.
Contacts / Information
Real name: Jace Moore
AIM: poofmon
MSN: poofmon
YIM: schreckmon13
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thanks for the :fav:
# Posted on 2013-04-06 @ 2:03 AM
Thank you for the fave and the watch! :):):)
# Posted on 2013-02-27 @ 10:24 AM
Wow! Nice art here!
# Posted on 2012-05-04 @ 1:18 AM
See's profile. See's Crowler Cosplay. Insta-Watch!
# Posted on 2012-04-20 @ 3:45 PM
I found your Reaver/Logan/Berry Hatch picture on deviantart and then fallowed the link to the actual picture and just fell in love with your gallery. you are very talented ^_^ cant wait to see more!!!! <3
# Posted on 2011-12-03 @ 7:36 AM
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Stoic Knight by Anoki
Stoic Knight
by Anoki
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