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Nobodies In The Wastelands by Errongonous
Nobodies In The Wastelands
by Errongonous
admin: Y!g II
Put in place a way to differentiate art from fanfic on gallery. (plenty)
Just add the new features, but don't make drastic changes to the look of the site. (plenty)
Option of choosing more than 12 submissions to view at a time in updates. (plenty)
Add more default theme choices – EX: Seasons/Steampunk/Rainbow/etc. (plenty)
+/- click zoom on images (like DA) rather than "view in high quality" button. (plenty)
Have conversation view of messages/comments to include all messages in a reply (when viewing from inbox). (a lot)
Put in a popup that notifies you when you have PMs (especially PMs from staff). (a lot)
Put in a popup to alert members if there has been a change in the ToS. (a lot)
For less confusion (especially to new users), at top of page change the words “Help” to “Faq” and “Staff” to “Help Desk”/ “GSR”. (a lot)
Ability to embed images in journals/comments/profiles. (a lot)
Y!g should go for an entirely new look. I've put my suggestions in the comments. (a lot)
Add a wider range of emoticons (a lot)
Have option for Y!gallery watermark (many)
Light up button for “gifts received” in members inbox. (many)
I have a suggestion that is not listed that I'll share in the comments. (some)
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