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Posted on 2015-11-22 @ 4:29 PM
Halloween Promotional Winners!
Hello. Sorry for the wait, but we now have our winners for the Halloween promotional. These are:

1st place - tolkienfan37. His prize was a choice of either custom made full theme or a four month ad on our Sidebar. TolkienFan37 has opted for the sidebar ad and has very kindly donated his ad space to four other artists.

2nd place - An anonymous backer. Their prize was their choice of either a custom made banner or a two-month ad on our Sidebar.

3rd place - There was a tie for third between another anonymous backer and ???. They both will have the choice of a custom made avatar or a one-month ad on our sidebar as their prize.

Our complete list of donors for the Halloween promotional is:
(1) Friendly Ghost 1
(2) Friendly Ghost 2
(3) Friendly Ghost 3
(4) Sargantas
(5) tolkienfan37
(6) ???
(7) ???
(8) blauesross
(9) Friendly Ghost 4
(10) ???
(11) Friendly Ghost 5
(12) Friendly Ghost 6
(13) Friendly Ghost 7

We'd like to thank all our donators who supported us so generously. :heart:

You can check the thermometers on Gallery Star Runners and Feed the Kitty to see our latest amount as we strive to reach our goal of $6000 which is a year's worth of server payments. We need support from our members in order to continue to offer you the best site for artwork and fiction specifically geared for yaoi. We humbly ask for your support to help keep us going and improving as we work on bringing you Y!g2 with many new features and updates.

Posted on 2015-11-11 @ 4:43 PM
Information on the Y!gallery hacking
This is taken from ???'s journal, but it explains a lot of what happened as we know of it and I thought it should be shared site wide.

As you all know, about 48 hours ago, someone decided it would be fun to hack into Y!gallery and hard delete the database. Our techs tell us that they used a method called a "brute-force attack".

In a brute-force attack, somebody sets up a program that tries an infinite number of password possibilities until it happens on the right one, even if your password is, for instance, J~F9E#7G0B%BVKP3EY!+*KAOE. That looks pretty well impossible to break, right? But computers love to do things like spin through infinite combinations of symbols until it finds the right one.

So the hacker, using this method, divined the right passwords, got entry into the server and hard-deleted some parts of the database. A hard delete is like when you really want to get rid of something. You send it to the trashcan and then empty it from there so it's really most sincerely dead. The database, or the chunk of it they hard deleted, wasn't the million or so images everybody had uploaded, or all the journals or PMs or messages. What they got was the files that make all those other files make sense. Like whose picture, the things people said about it, and so on.

It was as if they'd taken all the photos out of your carefully organized albums, stripped the labels off them, threw them in a big container, and then stirred the whole mess with a stick. 35 gigs worth.

It must have taken some time to accomplish this, because as we understand the programming, there are huge tables of things like fifty thousand pictures interrupted by a hundred thousand user names, and several hundred lines of actual programming. It's ten years old in there, which is eons in computer time, and that means cumbersome and confusing, so how this person or persons found the database is beyond us. ??? has seen this stuff and says it'll burn out your eyes faster than staring at the sun.

When this first happened, our head tech was saying the initial prognosis was not good, and we feared losing the site completely, but in programming there are zillions of ways of doing things, and zillions of opinions about it. Which is why if you put thoroughly competent programmers together in a reasonably comfortable setting with drinks and snacks, they will never stop talking shop until one of them keels over and dies, and maybe not even then. Which is good for us, since the next day the site was back. Everything still there, just like it was supposed to be.

How did our miraculous techs, SSugiyama, ??? and CaladSigilon do it?

They did it by discovering that there was a backup copy of the database in the RAM. Our techs spent most of the night putting things back together. A long and arduous task, especially if you remember that you're dealing with coding that is ten years old, so please be sure to throw some love at them for all the hard work they did to get the site back up again in such a short time.

Now comes the question of who. We don't expect we'll ever know. The techs spent some time trying to track down the IP of the hackers, and came up with one in Brisbane and another in South Korea. It's very possible two people would work together on something like this, but really, who knows. The hacker (or hackers) could be using proxys or VPNs, so it's not likely we'll ever find out.

So why do it? Your guess is as good as ours, since there is no monetary gain in it anywhere and Y!gallery is not some huge site. That leaves us with bragging rights and/or sadistic glee. Chances are, in some hackers' corner of the darkweb, there's a chatroom where these monkeys sit around and the discussion goes something like this:

HellFire: "I broke into SONY and put all their paychecks and email online!"
Response: ROFL!!!!111, OMFG, props dude, etc.
PoisonFace: "I hacked the CIA Mwahaha!!!!!"
Response: Awesomesauce! YAYYYYYYY, etc.
Toadie6969: "I killed Y!Gallery!"
Response: *cricket chirp cricket chirp*

So it probably wasn't a big time hacking empire/gang/coven/whatever, then. Small potatoes, middling skills, narrow interests, predictable motivations. Most likely the reasons are one or a combination of these:

(1) I need some hacking practice. This place is handy.
(2) I hate the gays with a suspiciously homophobic zeal.
(3) I hate shota with the burning wrath of a million suns.
(4) Y!gallery mods are nazis for suspending/banning me and I shall have my vengeance.
(5) Sites like this are the spawn of Satan and must die.
(6) Obama. Because everything is always Obama's fault.

Thankfully our techs have put in place extra security measures to make sure this doesn't happen again (again much love to them!).

So that's the skinny on what happened. The more you know!

Posted on 2015-11-10 @ 11:46 PM
Unscheduled Maintenance Finished
As everyone noticed we had about an hour of downtime.

This was to install new software and various other security patches on the system.

We would like to apologize for the downtime and the inconvenience.
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