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Posted on 2016-05-09 @ 3:08 PM
Donations update
When we put out the call for help, we never dreamed we'd get the response we did.

The kitty bowl was empty after paying April's server bill, but you all rose to the challenge in an unprecedented level of support in all the long history (over a decade) of Y!Gallery. You filled our Kitty Bowl nearly to the brim, our next few server payments are secure and work can continue on Y!Gallery 2.0. For that, we're all immensely grateful.

So we'd like to take a little time to thank all our contributors. It's a wonderfully long list, which has been sorted by date to make it easier to find your Thank You.

4/18: Krisada, SG, bbb35, A Friend :heart:

4/19: SM, VM, Sargantas, MVN

4/20: JW, JB

4/21: Nazu, A Friend #2, ShortStuff65

4/22: Crimson2006 "I hope this helps Y!gal reach its goal. Thanks for having such an amazing site!", PL.

4/23: JG, EB "Meow!", A Friend #3, VL, Spadx89, through a promo by ???, GS "Hope this helps the poor kitties", KnightTek, AW, FuryianFyre "Hope this helps.", LR,

4/24: A Friend #4, JK, ML "for Operation Kitty Obesity", CC, SH, MAVS, MS "For Y!gallery", FI, ??? "Just doing my part in the donation pool.", JW, KS "Donation to Y!"

4/25: JM, MS, MY "It's what I can do."

4/26: AKL, ArchAngel "Keep y-gal, please :D & good luck with the funding!", SS, ??? "Thanks for all your help.", CR, ???

4/27: MW, HE, JG, "Fetch the Seal", LF, WS, angelsmurf, TT.

4/28: YW "donation for y!gallery. Keep up the good work.", AS, JE, SageofSpice.

4/29: ???, JB, HappyCat "Thank you so much for all you guys do for us. Hopefully, this will help a little bit. I wish I had more for you guys. <3".

4/30: Aryn Holak "Feed the Kitty", rensiwrr "Long live the kitty!!", EG, ND, MF, MB

5/1: SG, JM, MT, PP, LH.

5/3: KV, MV.

5/4: KR, SD, ML, JPG.

5/7: VM.

5/18: MadMaxxCoyote

While we've made sure to list everyone who contributed, if your name has been left out and you'd like it included, please let us know and we'll be happy to add it. If you can remember the date you donated, that would be a big help.

The job isn't over, though. You know how it is with kitties, open a can of beets and they come bounding out to the kitchen hoping it's a nice juicy can of people-tuna. The need for funding doesn't stop because those server payments don't stop, and the need for a safe space for shota, yaoi, gay, and male-centered creative works doesn't stop. Don't forget, when you send a little "kitty chow" our way, you're ensuring the future of a unique site a lot of people have come to love.

If you'd like to know how to help out, PM either me ??? or lyiint. We'll be happy to tell you all about our easy and familiar way of contributing. Or click the Ask How To Donate tab at the top of any page.

You can always keep track of exactly how much is in the Kitty Bowl by checking our Thermometers HERE or HERE.

We also have a few members who are graciously offering gift art promotions that you can get in on. It's a win-win - artwork and helping out the gallery:

From [icon=???] - www.y-gallery.net/jour····2000cal/

From [icon=SageofSpice] - www.y-gallery.net/jour····ofspice/

From [icon=BadEndXXX] - www.y-gallery.net/jour····/311487/

From [icon=???] - www.y-gallery.net/jour····ielover/

From [icon=???] - www.y-gallery.net/jour····/311496/

If you have a promotion going to help out the Gallery, let us know and we'll include you!

Thanks again for your wonderful response to our plea and your overwhelming generosity. :heart:
Posted on 2016-04-18 @ 5:33 AM
In need of donations
We won't beat around the bush, we're in urgent need of donations. If you check the thermometers on GSR Help Desk and Feed the Kitty you'll see that our funds for the server are pretty much at zero. This month's server has been paid, but there are no funds for next month. If we can't pay for next month, we'll be in real trouble.

Our techs are still working away on making improvements on the site as well as working on Y-g2, but if we don't have the funds to pay our server, all their hard work is for nothing.

If you can spare anything, please contact lyiint or ??? and we will be happy to explain how you can donate. Any amount is welcome and will help keep us online.

If you're thinking about advertising your comic, book, project, gallery, or product, now would be a great time to do it. You'll be helping the gallery and getting the word out for yourself. Advertising on Y!gallery is cost-effective and reasonably priced. You can see your ad up and running in as little as 48 hours. Contact ??? to get started.

Our deepest thanks for supporting your gallery.
Posted on 2016-03-12 @ 2:12 AM
Looking to fill some positions for y!G 2.0
Hey Everyone,

I'm posting this as a sort of job filler in ways as I'm in need of developers to help speed up the process of y!G 2.0. All positions I am looking to have filled are on per volunteer basis and will not be compensated with money, you will however be credited for helping make this site even better and along with developer status to help expand and help with the new shift and a new face of y!G 2.0

What I'm currently looking for

3 - 5 PHP Developers
(o) Extensive and proven knowledge in PHP, Javascript and MySQL
(o) Love UI/UX and bring a unique user experience
(o) Great communication skills
(o) Knowledge with using GIT
(o) Experience with Symfony or Laravel a plus

1 Designer
(o) Extensive and proven knowledge of Photoshop, HTML5, and Javascript
(o) UI/UX Driven
(o) Great communication Skills
(o) Some GIT knowledge
(o) Experience with TWIG or BLADE templates a plus
(o) Portfolio is a plus!

I really need to fill some positions as with my new Full-Time job I can't put as many hours as we need to finish this project in a quick manner. Please PM me if you have any questions or wish to apply for any of these positions
:star: SSugiyama's Featured Artist :star:

Posted on 2016-03-04 @ 1:49 PM
Valentine's promotion messages
Sorry for being a bit late, but here's our tally of the wonderful people who fed the Kitty during our Valentines promotion, and their special messages:




CM: "Chipping in! Good luck!"




A Friend :heart:


In honor of ???

Krisada "for our bright yaoi future!"



Thanks go out from all of us to all of you! You're the heart and soul of Y!Gallery and we appreciate your giving spirit. :inlove:

:star4:To see how much is in our Kitty, visit our [thermometer here] or [here].:star4:

Don't forget the Kitty needs feeding every month if Y!gallery is to stay online, so please drop some kibbles into the bowl when you can. If you don't know how to help feed our hungry Kitty, you can click the "Ask How To Donate" link above, or PM ??? or lyiint and just ask. We'll be happy to tell you! :love::heart2:
Posted on 2016-02-21 @ 3:55 AM
Site Adjustments and Info Release
Hey Guys,

You may have noticed some downtime here and there today just at random spurts or even some heavy slowing down. For that, I'm sorry but it's just preparing for some big changes to be coming soon enough.

We've recently moved to a new platform to handle development and now using a proper VCS, if anyone has heard of GIT. So I'm happy to announce our new system is in place, and bug handling is done a whole new way where the developers will now get involved even more so than before.

There has been some add-ons for BBCode and various other things that will be implemented within the next few days so look forward to this.

There has been a lot of questions about version 2.0... Yes, we know we say that it's coming soon but we've had a few stops in the pipeline such as getting developers accustomed to new the new software and development standards I have written out that they must follow adamantly to make sure for a smooth and cohesive product.

So let's go over some basic data for 2.0

:star:The Good
(o) All your data such as uploads will still be available
(o) New features and multiple file upload with a brand new UI and HTML5 / CSS3 standard
(o) Brand new drag and drop customizable profiles
(o) The ability to blacklist users
(o) Interactive Chatrooms and Content Distribution
(o) Time release uploads... upload now, let it release to the public later
(o) Fully up to date WYSIWYG editor

:sweatdrop:The Bad
(o) You might not be able to carry over all your PMs
(o) Automated triggers for reporting images on uploads based on analytical data and reports. Meaning, if you trace an image we're going to know ahead of time.
(o) We will be collecting some telemetry data, while this is not bad it's mainly to suggest users that might peak your interest.
(o) 48-hour minimum downtime when moving over to 2.0

This is the list as is and there may be added / removed as time goes on.

If you wish to keep track of what's going on with 2.0 please make sure to watch the club [club=11606]

:star: SSugiyama's Featured Artist :star:

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