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Posted on 2014-05-01 @ 3:27 AM
Staff Changes
Hi everyone. Just want to pass along a very short announcement regarding some recent staff changes.

We here at Y!gallery would like to take this time to wish a sad farewell to one of our mods. ??? has been a member of the site for eight years and a mod for pretty much half that time. LC has officially retired so he can put more emphasis on his academic and professional careers. We all wish him well and he will be deeply missed.

While we are sad to say goodbye to one of our mods, we are happy to welcome a new one. SidneyStrange has come on as our newest moderator, and we hope you'll send him a hearty welcome of your own. Sidney has been a long time member and has been on the site since 2005. We're very glad to have him as part of our moderation team.
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