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Posted on 2015-05-12 @ 2:38 PM
Y!gallery Recode Information
The rebirth of Y!Gallery will take place in three phases:

(1) Maintenance:
(o) Site backup - COMPLETE

(o) Balancing: this is to make sure that the server runs more efficiently. Currently, we have spikes and drops in how the server utilizes resources. Balancing will smooth this out and help the physical wear and tear on our server, as well as minimize those lags you occasionally experience when switching from one page to another or checking your Pms. - COMPLETE

(o) Defragging. Just like on your computer at home. Usually a process done in the background, but because it hasn't been done in a long time, our drives are very fragmented and the first time we do it, we'll need downtime. - COMPLETE

Now that we've got our maintenance sorted and on a regular schedule, we will be moving on to site improvements.

(2) Improvements to the site:
We've got a lot on our list. These improvements will be made to the site as it stands now, but will carry over to the new and improved site when it's ready. It will happen in stages, with the most important things at the top of the list. Some you'll see and some you won't. The first things we'll address are our infrastructure — the tools that the staff uses to run the site, such as:
(o) adding character and series tags - COMPLETE
(o) ability to delete old Pms - COMPLETE
(o) streamlining advertising interface so ads can be loaded in advance of their go-live date and statistics can be provided to advertisers
(o) fixing any broken links
(o) ToS in multiple languages with user's ability to select language of preference

Then we'll tackle the improvements that our membership has been looking forward to, like:
(o) wider range of emoticons
(o) easier use of Theme Designer
(o) collaborations showing up in both galleries, as well as favs credited to both creators
(o) ...and more!!

(3) Recoding:
This will take some time as we'll be starting from the ground up and literally rebuilding the site with new coding. Most of our coding is ten years old and in internet terms that translates to ancient. But we have an excellent team in place and ready to go. This will go on behind the scenes in a secure environment, that is already set up, while the first two phases take place.

We'll be putting up a checklist on [club=8049] so you can follow along, see what we've done, and what's left to do.

Please be sure and thank our wonderful tech team: SSugiyama, ???, CaladSigilon, ???, AngelusTenebrae and facsimilnym They'll be putting in a lot of hard work to make this the best site on the internet!


[icon=suiton] is our site wide featured artist for the month of May for winning our Best Picture Contest we held recently. Please be sure to check out their gallery and support them on their Patreon.
Posted on 2015-05-09 @ 12:31 AM
Keywords Update
Hello, and welcome back after our site backup. :)

We are very happy to announce that we've been able to access the databank and that we have updated the keywords system with all the requests that were sent in to us. Any new requests for series or character tags can be made [HERE]. If you notice any mis-categorized or misspelled keywords as you look through the tags, please let us know. :)

We've also fixed the problem with the link that sends you to FAQ 31: One of my works has been reported to the abuse system. What do I do?. That should now be working. If you notice any problems with any other links on the site, again, please leave a note here on this news post and we'll get it looked into.

Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to improve the site and add new features.:heart::heart3:


We are still featuring [icon=suiton] who received a front page feature for winning our Best Picture Contest. Please be sure to check out their gallery, and I'm sure suiton would love your support on their [Patreon]. :heart:
Posted on 2015-05-05 @ 4:38 PM
Site Backup
Hello all. We'd like to announce that we're going to be laying the foundation for a major refresh of the site: from a complete recoding to the new features everybody's been waiting for.

As anybody who knows anything about computers can tell you, the first thing you always do before you make any changes is to back up your stuff. Which we're going to do this coming Friday, May 8th, starting at 4:00am (EDT).

Because it hasn't been done in a long time, we've got quite a lot of data to back up. To facilitate the backup and speed it along, the site will need some downtime. We estimate six to eight hours that the site will be offline. Once we've got this backup done, we won't need downtime to do it again. After this, the site will be on a regular backup schedule, and since the volume of new data won't be so large after this, it'll happen in the background while the site stays up.

Please be sure to stay tuned to the news announcements to learn of upcoming new features and improvements to the site. :)


And don't forget our site wide featured artist for this month is [icon=suiton] who won our Best Picture Contest. I'm sure suiton would love for you to visit their gallery to take a look at their awesome artwork. If you'd like to support suiton, feel free to do so the via their [Patreon].
Posted on 2015-05-01 @ 4:36 AM
Best Picture Contest Winner
Hello all! :)

We wish to thank everyone who entered into our Best Picture Contest and all who took the time to vote in our poll. All our artists are very talented and we were so pleased to have such wonderful works entered. Please be sure to congratulate all our participants. They're all winners in our books. :heart3:

After tallying the results of the poll, our final winner of the Best Picture Contest is suiton - [icon=suiton] with their submission, Morning Temptation - [thumb=995943]. We are very pleased to give them a full one month feature on our front page news for May.

Please be sure to join us in congratulating suiton, and check out their gallery [HERE] as well as their [Patreon page] if you'd like to offer them your support.

Here are but a few examples of suiton's beautifully drawn erotica:





And these are just a small sample from the many you'll find when you take a peek through their submissions.

Thank you again everyone. We hope to be bringing more contests to you in the near future, so please stay tuned to the news as well as to our Y!gallery contest club:

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