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Posted on 2016-06-26 @ 11:44 PM
Updates: What is the Build Status?

Some of you might be curious or wondering why we have the new button at top that says "Build Status Passed". It's an indication that the code is working properly and that the most recent build we've done before deploying it on the server has passed all of our tests. It'll now keep both us Developers, Staff and Users to be able to see in live time what's going on with the server.
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Posted on 2016-06-25 @ 1:51 PM
Issues should be Resolved Now
Hey Guys,

Looks like all the issues should be fixed and our build is now actually passing in the system.

What happened?

(o) The previous programmers of the site didn't follow rule 101 about programming and especially with our server language (php) using short cuts to get around things. This is not how it should work, when I updated our backend to a version with bugfixes, security patches and etc. In turn those old work-arounds broke the site.

Going forward I have put in place a bit of strict rules of how we'll be going forward with code that means making it PSR-4 compliant, the new service we're actually using to deploy our code also handles most of the formatting so I don't have to clean this up by hand.

If you still notice any errors let me know, no data looks like it was lost in during the issues since it was just a simple function that override some IE support. Though eventually IE support will be phased out when we start using HTML5 to re-do the site we will support it for a short time via SHIM but after that I'm not entirely sure yet since the mark of IE users is now less than 10%.

I'll be working towards adding a Pivotal Tracker for us so that users can request features and various other things to add to the site and eventually an overhaul of the entire template!
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Posted on 2016-06-25 @ 12:27 PM
New Platform Issues
Hey Guys,

Just woke up and had a few messages along with comments about some breakages right now

If you notice any that aren't

- Send PM Messages
- Users Display Works under Messages
- Submissions
- Custom Theme
- User Page

Let me know ASAP
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Posted on 2016-06-23 @ 1:15 AM
Current Issues with our Platform
Hey Guys,

You may notice some areas of the site aren't working right now, I'm working on restoring these as it's part of the upgrades I'm doing to our deployment services to make things a lot easier and faster for us. So please bear with us while we try to fix these issues.

I've reverted to a previous version [0681f3f7e3b619cff3f0d39250891adcb3e79622] for the time being.
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Posted on 2016-06-06 @ 5:05 PM
New Thumbnail Covers
Hi everyone. We've had a few suggestions for some new thumbnail covers for artwork and we thought it was an excellent idea. Not only will it let people know what's under the thumbnail and help promote your works to those who are interested at a quick glance, it will also alert those who may not wish to see certain genres. (Please note, you will still need to apply the appropriate filters on your works.)

We decided to just start with three to begin with. If anyone has any other suggestions for art thumbs, feel free to leave your suggestion here or contact me directly.

Here are the links to the new thumbs:

The use of these thumbnails is not mandatory, but we hope you'll find them useful. Also, as long as they comply with the ToS, you're very welcome to change them to suit your own style. :)
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