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Posted on 2014-11-19 @ 11:23 PM
Halloween Promotional Winners
Hello all! With all your help, we've managed to get very close to our goal. You donated a total of $826.00 which will go a long way to help keep Y-gallery open, so thank you all so much! :heart:

We'd like to hand out some special thanks to a few of our supporters. These are the winners of our Halloween promotional.

First place winner of a full custom made theme for their page is [icon=fablespinner] with her donation of $300.

Our second place winner wishes to remain anonymous, so Friendly Ghost #2 wins a custom made banner for their page with their donation of $200.

Our third place winner, Friendly Ghost #6, also wishes to remain anonymous, but they win a custom made avatar for their page with their donation of $100.

All our winners have been contacted and if you'd like to see the breakdown of donations, check out [The Link Here].

Feel free to congratulate them and yourselves for pulling though for us again. Without exaggeration, this sites members are the best around and we on staff appreciate you all so much. Thank you.
Posted on 2014-11-03 @ 2:48 PM
Halloween Promotional Update
We here at Y!gallery would like to thank some of our supporters. We've had a lot of really generous people here on the gallery, and they certainly deserve everyone's appreciation for helping to keep this site up and going with their donations.

Please be sure to send some love and thanks to:
and Sargantas

We've also had a few Friendly Ghosts adding to the kitty's treat bag and you can see what was donatated and how close we are to our goal [HERE]

It's still not too late to donate as our promotional won't end until Nov 15th. No amount is too small and your support will keep Y!gallery alive. Thank you everyone! :heart::heart3:
Posted on 2014-10-19 @ 3:45 PM
Halloween Promotional

Dig up your favorite ghoul, throw on your spookiest outfit, and pass out the candy, because this time of year, Kitties love candy too!

Our kitty's Halloween bowl needs some filling and a few kibbles will go a long way to reach our goal. We also have some prizes.

For our top three donators:

3rd = A custom made "I support Y!gallery" avatar to let others know of your generous contribution to the site. If you wish to remain anonymous, you will receive a custom made avatar of your choice.

2nd = A custom made banner for your home page proclaiming you "King/Queen of the Kitty Bowl". If you wish to remain anonymous, you will receive a custom made banner of your choice.

1st = A custom made full theme for your home page letting others know you are "Top Donator for Y!gallery". If you wish to remain anonymous, you will receive a custom made theme of your choice.

For our other wonderful donators, you will be acknowledged on our forum page [HERE] (where you can also keep track of our donations), and the Y!gallery front page:

(o) In the message part of your donation, tell us your Y!Gallery name exactly as it appears (so we can use your icon here on the Gallery), or the name you'd like to use as you'd like it to appear on the forum and Y!gallery news page announcement. We will not, under any circumstances, disclose your real name or even part of your real name.

(o) If you wish to dedicate your donation, tell us your pal/sweetheart/crush/whomever's name exactly as it appears on Y!Gallery (so we can use their icon, too) or if it's someone who doesn't have an account with us, tell us their name as you'd like it to appear as the person you did it with (No real names, please!). You're also free to add a little note for your dedication and we'll make sure to post that as well.

(o) If you'd rather be anonymous, we'll just list you as a Friendly Ghost.

Not sure how to donate? You'll find all the information [right here].

Our promotional will end on November 15th, at which time we'll announce our winners and give them their prizes. So rev up your broomsticks and stock up on the candy corn. It's time to start howling at the moon and help us feed our Halloween Kitty! :kitty:
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