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Posted on 2015-01-17 @ 3:47 PM
1,000,000 Kiriban Winner!

Our 1,000,000th submission belongs to [icon=???] their submission [thumb=1000000] is the winning post.

??? has won $50 to spend as they wish at Amazon.com. Please be sure to congratulate them.

Thank you everyone for making Y!gallery such a great place and for keeping us going these many years, 10 years in fact this February. It's quite an achievement for our little spot on the web. :heart::heart3::love:
Posted on 2015-01-08 @ 4:38 AM
1,000,000th Submission
As of this writing, we are only 840 submissions away from our Millionth submission on the gallery. To honor this auspicious occasion, we've decided that the person who submits the 1,000,000th submission will win a prize from us.

:money: $50 to spend as they wish at Amazon! :money:

This award is for our membership only, so no staff member is eligible. If a staff member's submission happens to be the 1,000,000th, then the prize will go to the next member submission.

The submission must be in compliance with the rules of the sites Terms of Service and not by somebody who's here on the sly (underage, sneaking by a ban or suspension w/a secondary account, etc. - and we will be checking). If the 1,000,000th submission or user happens to be in violation, the next ToS compliant submission/member will win the prize. Winner will be contacted via PM to get all the details so we can send them their prize.

Also, we will be opening our Forgiveness Program up on February 14th in honor of not only Valentine's Day :heart:, but of our 10th birthday as well! We'll be posting a separate news announcement on that day with the link to the form.

As you can see, lots of good things coming soon. :happyhappy: So everyone get to posting, and good luck! :widesmile:
Posted on 2014-12-22 @ 11:44 PM
Patreon logo
Hello. This is a message to any of our members who have a Patreon.

Thanks to one of our Y!g members, it has come to our attention that the Patreon logo is free for use, permission granted by the Patreon site. For those who have a Patreon and would like to promote yourselves, feel free to use that logo and know that it is NOT in violation of our Rule 6h.

For anyone who has in the past had their submissions removed because of the Patreon logo, please contact me directly. I may be able to return your submissions. If you were told to remove the logo, you are welcome to reapply it.

Thank you everyone, and happy holidays!
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The Worst Shift - Ch 19: Collateral Damage by KizuKatana and CapturedByNoodles
The Worst Shift - Ch 19: Collateral Damage
by KizuKatana and CapturedByNoodles
Angus by Kanati44
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Limit on submissions?
No. No limits. I should be able to post as much as I want. (a ton)
Yes, some galleries are far too large. Not sure what the limit should be. (many)
I have another suggestion (some)
Yes, limit galleries to 500 submissions total (some)
Yes, limit galleries to 1500 submissions total (several)
Yes, limit galleries to 1000 submissions total (several)
Yes, limit galleries to 750 submissions total (a couple)
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